A viral story today (May 21) has caused people to converse about what they will, and won't, put up with in a relationship. Earlier today, TMZ reported that Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner had reignited their romance, but this time around, they were reportedly involved in an open relationship. The concept of polyamory has been around for millennia, but many people vocalized that they couldn't participate in such a relationship, including Coi Leray.

The rapper took to her Twitter to share her thoughts. "I will never share my n*gga," tweeted Leray. "I REPEAT ! NEVERRRRRRRR."

"f I'm in a relationship, n*gga be ready to be with me to the day I die.. if you not ready for that commitment keepitmoving," she added. However, she didn't want people t attack Kylie for whatever relationship standards she and Travis may have had. "And one thing yall not gonna come for Kylie . B*tch I love Kylie."

Yet, Kylie has already come forward to debunk claims that she is in an open relationship with the father of her child. "You guys really just make up anything," Jenner wrote. "I’m not discrediting anyone who is in an open relationship but it’s just careless and disrespectful to throw this narrative out there without knowing what’s true."

Check out Coi's tweets below.



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