Trey Songz was arrested and accused of trespassing, resisting arrest, and assaulting a police officer on Sunday following an altercation with a Kansas City cop. The incident took place during the Kansas City Chiefs football game, which saw the team advance to the Super Bowl. Trigga Trey was released from jail on Monday, joking about the situation on Instagram. However, a new video was released to the media on Tuesday morning, showing a different angle of the altercation, which allegedly confirms that Trey started the fight.

According to TMZ, a video was shared by Kansas City Police, showing Trey Songz and a group of friends being approached three times during the game by security. The police officer was eventually asked to intervene, speaking with Trey and his crew before making his way to their aisle. When he stepped in and walked past the singer’s homie, Trey walked down to a different row, where the cop followed. Then, things quickly unraveled as Trey allegedly threw the first punch on the officer, resulting in the cop pinning Trey down to the seats before being placed in a headlock.

It’s likely that the first security guard was informing Trey and his circle to put their masks on as he makes a gesture of that sort. The group seemingly did not follow orders though, resulting in a couple of other visits from Arrowhead security.

As pointed out in the latest report, Trey did appear to have a mask on in some pictures from the game. However, in each of the videos from Tuesday, he’s not wearing one.

The artist has since been released from jail. What do you think of this new video?