More details have arrived concerning the legal battle between former father-son duo, Lil Wayne and Birdman. Last night legal documents revealed how Birdman prevented Weezy from actually signing Chanel West Coast, despite the general public’s assumption that she was signed to Young Money.

However that’s not the only interference from Birdman on Young Money affairs. In more unearthed legal documents, Lil Wayne claims that he has letters from Drake and Tyga’s camp, both claiming they were screwed out of large sums of money. Nicki Minaj’s camp also wrote a letter, claiming that Nicki’s producers were stiffed out of money as well. Wayne says that it is Cash Money’s responsibility to pay producers in the documents.

It doesn’t end there, though. Young Money claims that they were supposed to receive a $100 million advance from Universal. However the money went directly to Cash Money, and YM is still waiting on their advance. Cash Money retaliates these claims as being untrue. CM states that they paid YM a $20 million advance in 2012, then another $12 million for Lil Wayne’s solo album, and finally another $70 million in “advances, royalties, marketing and recording costs for various Young Money artists.” Cash Money then points a finger at Weezy, saying if anything, he’s the one who slacked– he was supposed to deliver 21 albums from his artists over the course of 7 years, but he’s only delivered 13.


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Lil Wayne Blames Birdman/Cash Money For Ripping Off Young Money Artists