Teejayx6 Calls Playboi Carti's Album "Terrible", Tells Iggy Azalea To "Shut Up"

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Teejayx6 made it very clear that he is not a fan of Playboi Carti's new album "Whole Lotta Red".

Teejayx6 refuses to take a side. In his mind, everybody and everything sucks. He's been going hard on Twitter, telling Playboi Carti multiple times that his new album Whole Lotta Red is "trash" and "terrible", telling Iggy Azalea to "shut up", and saying that Mario Judah's version of WLR is better than Carti's.

Scam rapper Teejayx6 just wanted to enjoy Christmas Day with some new music from Playboi Carti and without any drama. Unfortunately for him, he got a "terrible" album, according to him, and a whole lotta drama, which is surfacing because of Iggy Azalea's calling-out of her baby daddy. He took to Twitter to vocalize all -- and I mean all -- of his feelings.

"Carti dropped a tape and didn’t put uzi or young thug on it wtf," reacted Teejayx6 in his first tweet on the matter. "Carti rockstar made hard af 1st song let’s go to the 2nd one," he then said, seemingly liking the direction of the album. Everything went downhill from that point, though.

"Carti really made us wait 3 years for this bullsh*t whole lotta red is a disappointment wlr," tweeted Tejayx6, realizing he actually wasn't feeling the album at all. "Stop defending playboi carti and wlr whole lotta red cause that sh*t is seriously terrible i need some decent sh*t with uzi thug lil baby and sh*t not just some short ass bullsh*t songs."

Finally, he shifted his focus onto Iggy Azalea, who, at that point, had begun airing out her ex on Twitter

"Iggy azalea shut up b*tch let carti celebrate whole lotta red this sh*t is f*cking horrible," he wrote. "If you wanna say whole lotta red was fire to fit in with the rest I understand but deep down inside you know it’s f*cking trash. Yo @playboicarti Just finished listening to WLR, currently lost for words man, crying real tears carti bro, this is quite possibly, quite literally, sincerely, the worst possible music I have ever heard. My ears are dripping with blood, on my way to the emergency room thanks. Mario Judah Whole Lotta Red WLR was better then Cartis on god."

Knowing Teejayx6, he's definitely trolling for much of this. However, he's echoing what a lot of people are saying about the album, which is not being received well for the most part.

Do you agree with Teejay?

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