A video of Meek Mill performing at Made In America fest is travelling around twitter real quick today, and so far, the knee jerk reaction is that Meek dissed his regular collaborator, Future.

While that seems like an overly simplistic reading of what Meek said during his set yesterday, the way he talked about Future’s music did seem a bit dismissive. 

“You’re playing all motherfuckin’ Future tonight, n—a,” said Meek, stopping his DJ partway through “Freak Hoes”. “You don’t play some motherfucking rap too? The hell is you doing, n—a? Play some hot shit too. My n—a Future on Made In America.”

The fact that Meek’s DJ seemed to be continuously playing Future’s music (who is also on the bill) during Meek’s set is probably the main issue here, rather than Future Hendrix, but we’ll let you watch the clip and decide for yourself.


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Meek Mill Told His DJ To Stop Playing Future During His Made In America Set