What a Time to Be Alive is the most sensationalized event this year next to Drake’s beef with Meek Mill. Meek attempted to expose Drake when Dreams Worth More Than Money was the No. 1 album in the country. His fortunes soon reversed, and before we knew it, he was the laughingstock of the rap world. 

Soon after Dreams Worth More Than Money came DS2, which would also make it to No. 1. Future was caught in an awkward position as he, like Drake, had given a verse to one of DWMTM‘s hottest recordsDS2 was slated to be a featureless album, but Drake had called Fewtch and asked if he could contribute a verse soon before the album was mastered.

Since then, Future and Drake have, of course, rapidly become closer collaborators. Future never officially took a side in the Meek Mill beef, but Meek probably didn’t appreciate him becoming BFFs with the man who just put a serious dent in his otherwise prolific 2015. 

The only instance of possible tension between Future and Meek was earlier this month, when, during his set at Made In America, Meek told his DJ to stop playing so many Future tracks. Meek soon clarified that the incident reflected no shade on his part — he just wanted his DJ to play a variety of different artists. 

Well, on What a Time to Be Alive, we didn’t catch any Meek-aimed shots from Drake upon first listen, but Future might have hit the Dreamchasers rapper with a little something on “Big Rings.” 

“You just a battle rapper / I’m an official trapper,” rapped the Freebandz boss, perhaps alluding to Meek’s come-up as a highly respected battle rapper. 

He continues: “N*ggas droppin’ subliminals, they’re just some jibber jabber.” 

So, what do y’all think? Shots fired? It’s strange that Future would drop a subliminal in the line before dissing a guy for doing the same thing. But what other “battle rapper” could he be talking about? 

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Did Future Diss Meek Mill On "Big Rings"?