OMB Peezy was arrested earlier this year for his alleged role in a shooting that occurred on the set of Roddy Ricch and 42 Dugg’s music video for “4 Da Gang.” The incident happened back in February and on the first of March, the rapper was arrested and taken into police custody. For one of the first times since his release from jail, OMB Peezy is speaking out about what happened.

“I was just trying to figure out what the fuck was going on, why the police at my door for,” said the “Big Homie” rapper during his latest talk with HipHopDX. “Because if I done did anything, I would have been gone. If I was guilty of anything, you wouldn’t have caught me at my mothafuckin’ house, straight the fuck up.”

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Roddy Ricch Or 42 Dugg After Arrest">

Before the shooting, a feud between OMB Peezy and Roddy Ricch or 42 Dugg had not been documented. According to Peezy, that’s because there were no issues with the two stars.

“I don’t have no smoke with Roddy Ricch,” he said. “I don’t have no smoke with 42 Dugg. Nobody from CMG, no none of that. They love me over there in Roddy Ricch hood. I love them back too. But you know, the internet will try to run with it and try to make their own story and shit. But I don’t have no problem with them people and they don’t have no problem with me. Like real talk, it really isn’t no beef. Never was no beef.”

Peezy met Dugg and Ricch for the first time at the music video shoot. The case is still ongoing and Peezy has been on house arrest ever since his release. Read more at the link below.