There has been an increase in rappers who have had run-ins with the law. Most recently, NBA YoungBoy reportedly attempted to run from federal authorities, Casanova remains incarcerated on allegations that he's a drug-trafficking gang member, Silento is accused of murdering his cousin, DaBaby was detained in Beverly Hills for carrying a loaded firearm—and that's just this year. OMB Peezy also found himself in handcuffs after being arrested in connection with the shooting on the set of Roddy Ricch and 42 Dugg's music video. He recently spoke about his charges and is certain that he'll beat the case.

"I'mma soldier. I'm alright. I know God got me," said the rapper while on VladTV. "I know God ain't gon' bring me to it if ain't gon' bring me through it. I don't really be stressin' too much." He added, "I ain't gon' lie and act like a n*gga I don't be gettin' into my thoughts and sh*t. 'Cause I sho' be gettin' in my thoughts like damn, they can watch a n*gga if they want to, but I don't really let it beat me up too much though."

Vlad mentioned that Lil Durk is still facing his charges and has channeled his energy into making the best music of his career. He suggested that Peezy do the same, but the rapper stated he doesn't need charges to pen hits. "I make good music without this sh*t," said Peezy. "It's just, the world we in, it's so f*cked up.  Like, certain sh*t make them pay attention to the sh*t you say, if that makes sense."

"Now, they're actually paying attention to what I'm sayin' in my music. Because he's received negative press about the charges, people are now interested in who he is because of the potential infamy attached, and it's something that OMB Peezy isn't a fan of. Check out his clip below.