Despite her posting only once in the last seven days, it’s been a pretty dominant week for Nicki Minaj. The living legend teased her upcoming musical comeback by telling her fans to tune in at the end of the week, hinting that she could be dropping a new single or project. As we patiently wait to find out what she’s releasing (while listening to “LLC” on repeat), fans of the 38-year-old have been boosting sales for footwear brand Crocs, buying up tons of stock after the superstar rapper showed off a pair of pink clogs in her return pictures.

The demand for pink Crocs has spiked tremendously in the last twenty-four hours with shocking numbers being reported by The Sole Supplier. According to the UK-based sneaker community, Nicki’s post personally contributed to a 4,900% growth in sales for pink Crocs. That much can be confirmed by the number of Barbz that have shared their receipts from the online Crocs shop, buying up multiple pairs of shoes, which were described as “ugly” a few years ago. The tide has turned with Crocs currently making a serious comeback, complementing Nicki’s own return. Nicki had her clogs fully customized with Chanel Jibbitz.

With people like Justin Bieber, Post Malone, and so many others hopping on the Crocs wave, it looks like comfort has become a priority once again in fashion. 

Check out her pictures above and let us know if you scooped up a pair for yourself.