Afroman returned to the public conscious for pretty much the worst reasons earlier this year, when a story broke that the rapper had decided to punch a woman in the face who approached him on stage. The show continued as if nothing had happened, but Afroman was taken into custody by police once he stepped off the stage.

The case has finally made its way through the court system, and Afroman has pleaded guilty to assault. He’s since been hit with a “six-month suspended jail sentence,” which will include anger management sessions, drug tests, and a $330 fine, which is getting off easy, all things considered. However, if he breaks any of the rules, he’ll be doing 6 months in jail.

If you’re looking for a one-liner in the comment section. Yes, Afroman will not be able to get high for a while.


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Afroman Pleads Guilty For Assault Of Female Fan