At the end of this week, J. Cole will be releasing his brand new album The Off-Season. Fans have been waiting for new music from the North Carolina rapper for months. Judging from how people reacted to his latest single “Interlude,” which was released last week, this could be one of Cole’s greatest projects to date. Bas and Cozz from Dreamville have suggested that much. Folks think that the rapper will outclass himself on this album and it’s already pretty clear that Cole will be headed towards a strong debut on the charts. 

As he gears up to release his new album, J. Cole is presently in Rwanda, where he will begin his professional basketball career with the Patriots B.B.C. With the off-season set to finally end for the rapper, all of his fans are excited to see where this next chapter leads the 36-year-old. Over the weekend, he announced that he was coupling his new music with a documentary, giving fans behind-the-scenes access to his life and asserting his dominance on the game. After a short wait, Cole released Applying Pressure: The Off-Season on Monday.

The new documentary is officially out now on YouTube. It was executive produced by J. Cole and his manager Ibrahim Hamad. Applying Pressure was directed by Scott Lazer. Check it out below and let us know your first impressions in the comments. Are you even more excited for The Off-Season now?