We could be in for a masterpiece in two weeks' time because, according to Dreamville rapper Cozz, J. Cole's new album is his greatest body of work to date.

Over the course of his career, North Carolina-based rapper J. Cole has reached iconic levels of fame in the music world. His authenticity and raw talent shine through in his words, which have changed the lives of millions around the globe. For the last year and some change, we've been hearing all about the Dreamville general's next moves, possibly leading to his retirement, which was teased a few months ago. As we wait for more clarity on the upcoming steps in Cole's career, the multi-platinum superstar announced that he would be releasing his next album The Off-Season on May 14. Not much is known about the body of work so far but, according to Cozz, who is signed to the rapper, it's Cole's best work ever.

Noam Galai/Getty Images

"No cap though from what I’ve heard so far this cole best shit to date," tweeted Cozz to his thousands of fans on Tuesday night, hyping up the Dreamville squad for another brightly-anticipated drop.

While only time will tell whether this is actually Cole's best project, it would be an understatement to claim that fans are overjoyed to finally be receiving new music from the well-respected emcee. The Off-Season is out next week. Do you think it'll be Cole's masterpiece?