There’s a new trend among rappers and no, it’s not a dance challenge. Grills have been a staple in Rap and Hip Hop for decades, but in recent years, we’ve seen more artists rid themselves of the permanent fixtures. Plenty of people sport temporary grills for a look, but in the Rap community, it’s not uncommon for artists and their entourages to get permanent new teeth as fashion or as an act of displaying their wealth. Last year, YFN Lucci decided to remove his grills, and recently, Plies did the same. On Tuesday (January 19), Lil Yachty showed off his pearly whites and flexed his bright smile after getting some work done.

Yachty was obviously relishing in his new look because he got on Instagram Live and acted out any and every scenario that would involve him smiling or flashing his teeth. “It’s the white teeth show, man. N*gga’s lookin’ and feelin’ excellent,” said the rapper. “Imma smile for the rest of the week. For the rest of the month!”

He had no problem telling the world how much he spent on his new set of veneers. “How much? $80K,” said Yachty. “Eighty K on the smile. You know I’m gonna be smiling for a while.” On his IG Live, Yachty spent most of the time staring at himself as he admired his dental work, and we can’t blame him. Check it all out below and let us know if you’d pay $80,000 for a new set of teeth.