YFN Lucci may be regretting getting his permanent diamond grill removed right about now, after the Internet made fun of him to no end for his new smile. On Saturday, the rapper paid a visit to the dentist's office, where he decided to undergo the process of having his permanent diamond fronts taken off. He documented the dentist removing his mouth jewelry and posted several videos on his Instagram story to show his followers the changes he was making to his smile.

After leaving the dentist's office, Lucci posted a photo on his story of his new smile. It appears as though his teeth had to be shaved down significantly in order to secure the diamond grills into his mouth in the first place, but now that he's had them removed, he's left with tiny, spaced out teeth. 

He was subsequently roasted for his new smile, with folks comparing him to everything from a dog to a baby shark, to a famous children's book character.

According to his latest IG stories, though, Lucci has already had a new grill and veneers put back in, so this was all only temporary.