Soulja Boy Comes For HNHH, XXL, & More: "I'm Putting An End To That Sh*t"

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Soulja Boy
Soulja Boy comes after HotNewHipHop, XXL, No Jumper, and other hip-hop news outlets in his latest Instagram Live.

Soulja Boy is not happy about the recent media coverage he's been getting, calling out hip-hop blogs including HotNewHipHop, XXL, No Jumper, and others during his latest Instagram Live stream.

This week, the internet darling went live to discuss the way he has been covered over the last few months on hip-hop blogs and news outlets, likely referring to the spat he had with Drakeo The Ruler. The freshly-released Drakeo wasted no time in asserting himself among the Drakeos and Dracos of the world, saying: "There is only one Drakeo and that's me. There is no Big Draco or none of that sh*t n***as is talking 'bout!!"

Soulja Boy seemingly responded by going off about his influence, claiming that he signed a record deal before others, took over the internet before others, went viral before others, and more. Given the timing of the rant, many believed that he was responding to Drakeo The Ruler. However, due to his latest stance against hip-hop blogs, it's likely that his words were more general.

Taking to Instagram Live, Soulja Boy explained his hard feelings toward HotNewHipHop, No Jumper, XXL, and other sites.

"Motherf*cking HotNewHipHop, XXL, and No Jumper is motherf*cking fake media," said Soulja Boy. "It's false media. I have elevated past the level of certain media platforms. So, if y'all see these media platforms putting my name in they blogs, do not read the sh*t because they trolling. Anything that you wanna hear, come hear it direct from the source. I'll tell you directly what it is."

Soulja Boy had nice words for SayCheeseTV and RevoltTV before continuing his rant about HNHH and others, "It's false media. They're fake media. They're not real media. The sh*t that they post is not credible, it's not facts. I'm putting an end to that sh*t. That sh*t dead, n***a."

It's worth noting that HotNewHipHop has supported Soulja Boy from the jump, sharing original pieces about the strength of his business moves and his musical comeback in recent years. Read our piece about how Soulja Boy Created His Comeback, published in January 2019.

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