Soulja Boy has spent the last two weeks claiming parentage to a slew of styles, rappers, and businesses. His infamous Breakfast Club interview sparked several hilarious memes, such as the ten-year Soulja Boy headband challenge and, of course, the "Drraakkee?!" spin-offs. He then sauntered over to Everyday Struggle where Soulja delivered another spirited interview. With his name heavy in the media now, Soulja continues on his promo run. He stopped by Los Angeles' Real 92.3, and admitted that he inspired 50 Cent to create 

 Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

First, Soulja boy did admit that 50 influenced him. "50 Cent, Get Rich Or Die Tryin'. That was the first CD I bought," he stated. "That's why I signed to Interscope... I was just with 50 in New York. He got the Roi, his new champagne. I like that. Power, I like that. 50 always been a boss, G-Unit." That's when Soulja had to insert the fact he influenced 50 Cent to create Surprisingly 50 Cent took to Instagram to repost the Soulja Boy interview. "I did get that from Soulja he was first doing a lot a shit, because he was still a baby he was young," admitted 50. "I don’t know why but when he get mad, 😆the shit have me crying," he added.