Despite beginning 2020 with nothing but momentum, largely propelled by acclaimed albums like The New Toronto 3, the bawdy comedy of Quarantine Radioand newfound artistic independence, his alleged involvement in the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion left many fans turning against him. Though he attempted to provide his side of the story on Daystar, Tory found himself facing the full force of cancel culture, the likes of which might have crushed the spirit of another. Yet Tory has proven himself to be quite determined, as evidenced by the new episode of his #PSA documentary series. 

<a href="/profile/ToryLanez" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Tory Lanez</a> Remains Unfazed In "#PSA Episode 6"
Burak Cingi/Redferns/Getty Images

This latest chapter, which features plenty of cinematic footage stemming from live concerts, behind-the-scenes travel, and more, centers around some of Tory’s recent accomplishments. For instance, he discusses Quarantine Radio, which he deems to be “a smash.” “I went from like five million followers to ten million followers in three weeks,” he reveals. He also opens up about some of his defining philosophies, likening himself to a “champion” and “a warrior.” “No matter what ya’ll n***as think you’ll do to tear me down,” he explains. “I keep rising up, I’m unstoppable. I’ll never let somebody think they can stop me. I have a fearless mentality.” 

“I been in the game about eight years,” he continues. “I done see people come around, be the hot shit of the moment, and fall. People wonder ‘how is Tory, out of all those people who doesn’t have crazy colored hair or none of that, still relevant? Cause I’m still in the studio, and I’m not stopping. I’m relentless.” He reiterates that the negative comments only drive him to work harder, maintaining that absolutely nothing can put a dent in his grind. Check out the latest episode of #PSA below, and sound off if you’re still riding for Tory.