DMX To Be Honored In Universal Hip Hop Museum

The late rap icon will be honored during the 2023 opening of the museum.

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DMX To Be Honored In Universal Hip Hop Museum

DMX's recent passing sent shockwaves through the hip hop community and listeners alike. After previously reported as being in a vegetative state after an overdose a week ago (April 3), the rap legend later succumbed to his condition on Friday. With such an influential career, tributes to X have been pouring in from all sides. The Mayor of Yonkers revealed plans to honor the late rapper with a memorial in his hometown. 

In addition to this tribute, the icon is set to be honored in a substantial way at the Universal Hip Hop Museum. Construction for the Bronx museum is currently underway and its chief curator confirmed contributions from the late rapper will surely be included when it opens.

DMX To Be Honored In Universal Hip Hop Museum
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The museum plans to create a collection and archive that DMX will be included in that properly recognizes his contributions to the rap landscape. Chief Curator Paradise Gray raved about the later rapper, whose real name is Earl Simmons. 

"If Tupac was the heart of hip-hop, DMX was the soul. DMX was that realness, that grittiness, he didn't create the grittiness of DMX to rap -- that's who he was,” said Gray. 
DMX To Be Honored In Universal Hip Hop Museum
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The Universal Hip Hop Museum was first announced back in 2017 when the location was selected for the massive archival center. In 2019, the state of New York contributed $3.5 million to the construction of the museum. It's expected to open in 2023.


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