Tekashi 6ix9ine is roaming relatively freely while there are still co-defendants in his federal racketeering and gun case that await sentencing. Kooda B was granted temporary release in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic due to asthma only to violate the terms of his release on camera shortly after.

At the top of the month, Judge Engelmeyer ordered Kooda B back to prison over the incident as he awaits his sentencing for his role in the Chief Keef shooting in Times Square. According to VladTV, federal prosecutors on the case are pushing to have Kooda B sentenced to four years and nine months in prison as an “organizer” of the shooting. The 57-month sentence would be the longest possible sentence under his plea deal.

“The shooter eventually shot above the heads of Chief Keef and a member of Chief Keef’s entourage,” prosecutors wrote in a briefing. “After the shooting, the shooter and (Kooda B) ran back to the waiting vehicle and drove off.”


The records show that Kooda B faces anywhere between 46 to 56 months in prison after pleading guilty to his involvement in the shooting. Kooda isn’t referred to as the shooter in the case but rather as the person who orchestrated the shooting by allegedly finding a shooter and a driver.

Prosecutors previously stated that the shooting was intended as a warning shot to scare Chief Keef. 6ix9ine testified in court that he had paid Kooda B $10K to carry out the shooting.