These days, DaBaby has been flexing his relationship with singer DaniLeigh, forgetting about his past feelings for the mother of his children, MeMe. Regardless, she still seems to be spending time with the rapper low-key, partying with him at Offset’s birthday party last month

The two have a pretty complicated relationship. DaBaby makes sure his kids, and their mother, are well taken care of, but MeMe never misses an opportunity to be petty on social media. She recently stirred the pot further by reposting somebody’s cryptic message, which has many people pointing their fingers at her famous ex-partner.

“Don’t attach my name to nobody… these YALL n***as,” she reposted on Instagram Stories, adding her own commentary. “Period! My chiren [sic] came from the lord.”

It sounds like MeMe doesn’t want to be brought up in conversations where DaBaby is involved, and she definitely doesn’t want anyone to refer to their children as his, putting all of the responsibility in God’s hands. The proud mother has been creeping into headlines for the last few years as she and the rapper seemingly have quite the chaotic relationship. One week, it looks as though they’re happy but then the next, they destruct and Baby ends up with DaniLeigh. Do you think they’re meant to be together though?