Rapper Foogiano was recently sentenced to five years in prison for burning off his ankle monitor, causing outrage among his fans. Many are complaining that his sentence is too harsh and will derail his chances of sustaining a career in the music industry. Prior to his sentencing, Foogiano was known as one of the brightest young stars on Gucci Mane’s The New 1017 label

Gucci has promised that he’s getting to work with his lawyers to help Foogiano get out of prison and the incarcerated rapper’s girlfriend, Renni Rucci, is bringing attention to his sentencing judge’s track record when it comes to allegedly handing out unfair sentences. Judge William A. Pryor has been called out online with many people saying that he’s unfit to rule, citing his record on cruel and unusual punishment. 


“Judge William A. Pryor of Greene County, GA called out for blatantly calling someone the N word in court.. returned from his suspension and is back as a senior judge sending more brothers and sisters to jail,” alleged Renni Rucci on Instagram. “This shouldn’t be allowed because it shows racial prejudice. Call the Georgia ACLU and get him out of there ASAP! 770-303-8111.”

The rapper followed up her message by claiming that she had been contacted by other families who have been affected by Judge Pryor’s unfair sentencing tactics. “So after yesterday we found out a lot of other families loved ones received the harshest sentencing possible in situations that have been handled differently when dealing with inmates of other ethnicities,” she said. “Let’s do what we can to make sure people line this [sic] don’t have the power to play with the lives of others.”

What do you think of Renni Rucci’s message? Free Foo.

Renni Rucci Calls Out Judge In Foogiano Case For Racial Prejudice
Renni Rucci Calls Out Judge In Foogiano Case For Racial Prejudice