Gucci Mane's signee Foogiano has been dealing with his own share of legal drama in recent times. In late 2020, it was reported the rapper was on the run after allegedly melting off his ankle monitor. A warrant was issued for his arrest and in early March, he turned himself into the authorities. The rapper was charged with being a fugitive from justice without a warrant. 

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

Per VLAD TV, Boomman, music exec and founder of Authentic Empire who discovered Foogiano, revealed that Green County sentenced Foogiano to five years in prison. "Green County Just Gave @FoogianoDaMayor 5 years for cutting an ankle monitor for a gun charge that wasn’t his and was claimed by some one else this is beyond crazy," he said. "we have to do something about this!"

Further information on Foogiano's sentence has been released but his girlfriend Renni Rucci took to Instagram where she reacted to the news. "You know what it is wit me! I got us. #freefoo," she wrote alongside a slew of photos and pictures of herself and Foo. "hese videos made me smile because the night he made this song about me I was in the next room making one about him. We was like two lil kids in love for the first time and it’s still that way."

Meek also spoke out about the news on Twitter where he called for Foogiano's freedom. "Don't try to kill that man whole career about tryna protect his self years ago!" Meek wrote.

We'll keep you posted on any more updates surrounding Foogiano's case.