Justin Combs & Instagram Star Justin Laboy Set To Premiere New Show “Respectfully Justin”

Justin Combs and Justin Laboy are ready to join late-night TV.

BYAzure Johnson
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Earlier this year, Justin Combs had a run-in with the law following an after-dark jet ski ride, a major violation in Miami. Now the son of hip-hop mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs, is back to his nocturnal ways with the debut of a late-night show on his father’s media outlet REVOLT. 

Respectfully Justin will be executive produced by Justin Combs and popular social media personality, Justin LaBoy. The two will discuss topics including modern dating, sex, music, entertainment, everyday life, and taboo topics with an uncensored approach. 


LaBoy expressed his excitement for the new show in a statement saying, “I'm beyond grateful to have this opportunity to bring my curated humor and entertaining content to REVOLT. REVOLT has provided us a platform to reach the masses, and our show will share our unique perspectives, provide comedy, and unparalleled experiences for viewers. Justin and I are here to offer a safe place to discuss the realities of dating and relationships, and we're not afraid to, respectfully, break the rules."

While Comb’s added, “Respectfully Justin is big, bold, and ready to take viewers to places they've never been before. As viewers have already seen with our signature “Demon Time” segment, Justin and I have created what is more than a show – we've started a cultural movement that will stir up conversations and put the late back in late-night television. Partnering with REVOLT brings this even closer to home, and I couldn't imagine a better way to bring our show to the masses.”

The show will take place in a luxurious mansion with Combs, LaBoy, and weekly guest stars giving their raw opinions on topics normally regarded as “off-limits.” The first episode will air on February 14 and will be a Toxic Valentine's Day episode. Chris Brown is set to appear in the episode with a special "Demon Time" segment.

For Diddy giving LaBoy the chance to have a show was a no-brainer. "Justin LaBoy is the biggest social media star in our culture. There is no better place for his debut show – we are thrilled to welcome him to the REVOLT family," he said.

If the show is similar to LaBoy’s social media accounts, it’ll be anything but respectful. Do you plan on tunning in? Let us know.

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