King Von’s Alleged Autopsy Photo Leaks & Fans Are Outraged

Alleged photos of King Von’s body after an autopsy have hit social media and people are shocked, angry, and disgusted.

BYAlex Zidel
King Von’s Alleged Autopsy Photo Leaks & Fans Are Outraged

Alleged pictures of King Von's lifeless body laying on the autopsy table have been shared to social media and, over the last few days, fans of the O'Block rapper have voiced their outrage over them.

It's unclear if the photos are legitimate, and it's even more uncertain how they ended up on social media. There are rumors surrounding the situation -- including some fans suggesting that a member of Quando Rondo's team could be behind the leak -- which are all unconfirmed for the moment. One thing that is definite though is that fans of the late artist, and even those who were indifferent about him, are disgusted that the pictures were taken and shared.

The image in question shows a lifeless body, which appears to be King Von's, on the autopsy table. 

King Von's Alleged Autopsy Photo Leaks & Fans Are Outraged
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"Don’t put that King Von body picture on my TL," wrote one person on Twitter, reacting to the leak. "Why did i just see a pic of king von dead in the morgue," said another fan, shocked that the content made its way onto social media.

The aftermath in the days directly following King Von's shooting has presented lots of misinformation to the masses. For example, Von's manager has disputed Asian Doll's claims about his last words, insisting that the rapper had spoken to a spiritual advisor and spoke to Von in the afterlife.

"'Oh, I talked to Von on a spiritual level with a spirit reader and he's letting shit be known," said Von's manager, mimicking Asian Doll. "He's talking fasho and... he feel y'all shouldn't have let 'em get him. Facts.' So, you talkin' to the dead now, Asian Doll? So, Von, in the afterlife, is telling Asian Doll these facts, guys."

Multiple videos have also been released, which show how the altercation began, allegedly showing King Von throwing the first punch, which escalated into an all-out brawl and subsequent shoot-out.

We will not include the alleged autopsy picture here for obvious reasons. Have a look at some of the most popular reactions of it leaking below.

Rest in peace, King Von.

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