Of everything we expect from the DaBaby, mincing words isn’t one of them. While there is a modest handful of Black celebrities who range from not openly opposing Trump to openly supporting him, DaBaby allowed little confusion on where he stands. 

In a post he shared to Instagram Sunday, DaBaby used less than uncertain terms to convey his disdain for the Trump Administration and Campaign. 

DaBaby shared a screenshot, wherein he received a message prompting him to “Reply YES to join Trump and receive important messages.” To which he responded with the suggestion that the sender, um.. how do we say… “have an intimate moment with themself” by saying “F*CK YALL”. 


It seems whoever was on the other end of his message got the point loud and clear, because his command was met with a meager, “Donald J. Trump For President: You have been unsubscribed and will not receive any more messages.”

Still, it appears the whole encounter remained unpleasant to DaBaby as he posted the photo with the caption, “Who gave bruh nem my number ?”. 

The post is already nearing half a million likes after being up for six hours, close to double DaBaby’s previous post regarding his Roddy Ricch collaboration, “Rockstar”, peaking at number one on the Billboard Songs of the Summer chart.