Saweetie makes Pretty B*tch Music and delivers Pretty B*tch Pictures via the Gram on a near-daily basis. Every Saweetie Instagram post is a lesson in taste, grace, and style for the 27-year-old rapper's 7.4 million followers and counting. Saweetie's always-on-point aesthetic and commitment to serving looks, body, and perfectly-laid edges, even during a pandemic, are just a few reasons why the "Tap in" rapper continues to live rent-free in our minds. 

After a wildly successful 2019 with the release of her single, "My Type", which was quickly dubbed the unofficial anthem of summer 2019, the L.A. rapper released her latest single, "Tap In" in June, preluding her debut album, Pretty B*tch Music, which is expected to be released later this year. Saweetie doesn't hold back; the rapper's Instagram feed is as icy as her lyrics, displaying her various back-to-back makeup, fashion, and lifestyle looks.

Check out our gallery of the rapper's richest photos below.

saweetie instagram

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images 

Casually showing off one of the two Birkin bags boyfriend Quavo surprised her with for her 27th birthday

Saweetie at her one of her high school proms, proving what we've known all along: even as a teenager, she has never missed 

Saweetie and Quavo gracing GQ's August 2020 Issue

Saweetie didn't attend Milan Fashion Week, she was Milan Fashion Week

Saweetie decked out head-to-toe in couture for NYFW was the gift we didn't know we needed

They don't call her the Baby Hair Princess for nothing

And it was in this moment that waist chains began trending

Saweetie: Queen of camp

You know the flex is elite when the red bottoms aren't even the main attraction

Boat life