DaniLeigh has seen a rise in her headline frequency but, unfortunately, not everybody is talking about her music.

For much of this year, the rapper has been rumored to be dating DaBaby. In recent weeks, they appear to have called things off but, considering the fact they never actually confirmed that they were a couple, everything is still pretty unclear. 

Last night, Dani took to Twitter to fire off a tweet, which she later corrected. "I never had hate til I dated u," she wrote, attracting the attention of The Shade Room who reposted it and connected it to DaBaby. Later on, the Dominican Mami said that she meant to write "haters." 

Seemingly confirming that the post was about Baby though, she hopped in the comments section and wrote:

"Y’all gotta try to have more love this early in the day... but at the end of the day I’m human ... that man was 100% single 'to me' when we started... I’m done talking about it tho I promise. ready to get this money and drop this album. good morning everyone and have a blessed day today."

Dani has been accused by some of stepping into Baby's life when she knew that he was still involved with his baby mama. While his BM has already voiced her opinion of the rapper, Dani still seemingly felt a need to put this all to rest.