McDonald’s might be the biggest fast-food franchise in the world which makes you wonder why it took them so long to collaborate with celebrities. Sure, there’s the argument that McDonald’s is trash and one could lose fans but if the Travis Scott collaboration is any indication, people are simply excited when they see a familiar face attached with an already familiar product.

Following J Balvin’s collaboration announcement yesterday, Chance The Rapper revealed that he was in negotiation with the fast-food company for a Super Bowl ad, though things went awry. Joe Freshgoods, who previously collaborated with McDonald’s for a capsule collection, chimed in on the Balvin collab, saying, “they just used me to see if it could work and I proved it could.” That’s when Chance chimed in.

“I was supposed to do a superbowl commercial with them. They played wit the money and when I said no, they hired a fake me,” he tweeted.

Per Complex, Chance previously tweeted to McDonald’s that they should do business in 2014. The ad he’s possibly speaking of is from 2017 and resurfaced following his tweet. 

Balvin’s collaboration with McDonald’s marks their second celebrity partnership since Michael Jordan in the early 90s. As we’ve seen with Travis Scott, these collabs are proving quite successful with several McDonald’s locations revealing that they were running out of items like lettuce and bacon because Cactus Jack sent so many people.