T.I. Calls For People To Not Spend Money In “#BlackoutDay2020” Protest

T.I. calls for people to keep their cash in their wallets and protest using their finances by not spending money on July 7 for “#BlackoutDay2020.”

BYErika Marie
T.I. Calls For People To Not Spend Money In “#BlackoutDay2020” Protest

When it comes to speaking out about issues that plague the black community, T.I. is a voice that is never silent. The rapper has often received criticism for how he handles social justice issues, including being ridiculed after vying for black people to boycott Gucci following the brand's allegations of racism. However, it hasn't deterred the ExpediTIously podcast host from speaking out about political issues, and as he battles President Donald Trump over the use of his song "Whatever You Like," T.I. has also called for the public to participate in "#BlackoutDay2020."

T.I. Calls For People To Not Spend Money In "#BlackoutDay2020" Protest
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"BLACKOUT DAY JULY 7, 2020," a message on his Instagram account reads. "This is a call to action!! We need one day of solidarity in America when not one black person in America spends a dollar. This includes Africans, Native Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanics...ALL people of color. Together we have 3.9 trillion dollars in economic spending power. That's $10,684,931,506.80 it's going to cost per day next time a person of color gets shot!!! We call it #BLACKOUTDAY2020 July 7th, 2020 please spread the message, and let's show REAL action that they fear!!!!"

T.I. added in the caption, "Nobody spend SH*T on this day‼️ IF you Give AF about the murders,lynchings,& oppression of people of color!!! #USorELSE✊🏽 #BlackoutDay2020 #July7th." Check it out below and let us know if you'll be boycotting alongside T.I.


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