The first episode of The Facto Show, a new podcast with Troy Ave, was filled with talking points. Airing several days ago, the rapper claimed that he believes Joe Budden — or, as he likes to call him, Hoe Buttons — is so emotional because he and Fabolous have had sex with every woman that the rapper has ever loved.

That’s not all that came up in the two-hour discussion though. Troy Ave, who has been involved in snitch conversations himself, got to talking about Tekashi 6ix9ine. The freshly-released rapper is on a roll, going Gold with his new single and breaking all kinds of records. Many are surprised to see him striving after talking so much shit. As far as his safety is concerned, Troy Ave doesn’t think that anything will happen to 6ix9ine in the near future. However, he believes that one man should do something about that.

Troy Ave Says <a href=
Jim Jones Should Murder Tekashi 6ix9ine">
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“If n***as are talking about the streets and street codes and shit, well, what should happen, technically, is Jim Jones should have him murdered because he sent Jim Jones’ man Mel Murda to jail,” said Troy Ave. “It’s fucked up. We’ll see if it happens. I’ll say the streets is a myth, ain’t nothing gonna happen. It is what it is.”

He goes on to urge the rappers speaking about Tekashi 6ix9ine on social media to keep the same energy when they see him in the street. 

Do you agree with Troy Ave? Peep the conversation below at the 1:15:40 point.