It’s strange how a rumor can begin. In the 1990s, Ice Cube united with rappers Mack 10 and WC to form Westside Connection. The supergroup was poised to become the next big thing out of West Coast hip hop, but due to internal disagreement, they disbanded before they’d even peaked. Mack 10 has sat down with an interview with Vlad TV where he revisits his rise to fame and working with Ice Cube. During the conversation, Mack 10 was asked about a comment Cube allegedly made years ago about Westside Connection reforming.

Ice Cube Responds To Mack 10 "Kiss The Ring" Interview Rumors
Scott Gries / Staff / getty Images

Vlad wanted to know what Mack thought about hearing Cube say that the only way the trio could work together again was if Mack would “kiss the pinky ring.” Westside Connection reportedly broke up after Mack had a physical altercation with Cube’s brother-in-law, and according to Mack, he hasn’t spoken to his former friend in 10 to 15 years.

The rapper added that back in the day when he heard of what Cube allegedly said, he thought it was comedy. Obviously, it would be something he would never do, and soon a fan tweeted Cube about the incendiary comment. “Never happened,” the rapper wrote. However, 10 years ago in 2010, HipHopDX wrote about Cube addressing a fan who asked if Westside Connection would ever reunite. The rapper allegedly answered, “I never say never, but he has the kiss the ring first.” Watch Mack 10 talk about never kissing Cube’s ring below.