The news of his Growing Up Hip Hop co-stars calling it quits has Lil Twist feeling some type of way. Lil Wayne’s protegé has been a featured cast member on the Los Angeles edition of the series, and after Sandra “Pepa” Denton’s daughter Egypt Criss announced that she would no longer be apart of the show, Lil Twist took to his Twitter account to voice his frustration with his friends who complain about how they’ve been portrayed on the series.

Lil Twist Calls Out "Growing Up Hip Hop" Co-Stars Complaining About Series
David Livingston / Stringer / Getty Images

Twist can’t wrap his head around why it took five seasons for cast members to complain about how they’re coming across on television. “I ain’t even been on a full 2 seasons these producers don’t know me like they know y’all.. y’all been in business with these folk way longer than I have….,” he tweeted. “Tryna make it seem to the masses that this sh*t is all scripted and written up to LOOK like the way it’s actually being shown.. LISTEN PEOPLE THIS SH*T IS 100 percent real.” He added that the producers aren’t at fault because they’re only working with what the cast is giving them.

“So if it is fake…. why I don’t look like a weird ass crybaby that’s b*tchin over a joke? Or why I don’t like a n*gga that paint his face and wear press on nails?” Lil Twist continued. “Ohh that’s cause I’m only give these producers and the people that watch WHAT I WANT THEM TO SEE . can’t trick twist.” The rapper told his castmates not to be angry when the public forms an opinion on how they’ve act when cameras were rolling. Read through his full set of tweets below.