A year can change many things, including how Anuel AA feels about Tekashi 6ix9ine. We reported that at the height of the “Trollz” rapper’s scandal in July 2019, Puerto Rican superstar Anuel AA sat down for an interview with Complex News. During the discussion, he was asked about 6ix9ine, a rapper he’d previously collaborated with on “BEBE.” The song was a megahit, so Anuel AA was asked if, after 6ix9ine got out of prison, he would collaborate with the rainbow-haired star once again.


He said that he hadn’t spoken to 6ix9ine and added that he had no regrets with working with the rapper on “BEBE.” Anuel AA wanted to distance himself because he’d heard that 6ix9ine turned federal informant. “I got love for him. He just did that so he [can] just stay on his side and I stay on my side.” Because Anuel had spent time behind bars for unlawful possession of a firearm, he said, “I can’t support that type of…I can’t support that.” He also stated that he was unsure of whether or not he could work with 6ix9ine again, but as long as there were “clean papers, we straight.”

Almost a year later, On Friday (June 12), 6ix9ine and Anuel AA laughed and chatted together on Live as they discussed the possibility of collaborating on another track. This comes nipping on the heels of his smash hit, “Trollz,” with Nicki Minaj. Twenty-four hours after its release, 6ix9ine is wasting no time is making his next move. Check out clips from the Live below and let us know if you’re ready for these two to connect on a song.