The beef between former couple Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill hit a boiling point as the exes, along with Nicki's husband Kenneth Petty, exchanged words at a Los Angeles jewelry store earlier this year. They seem to have avoided one another since then, but 6ix9ine decided to egg things on while on Instagram Live on Friday (June 12). 6ix9ine recently dropped his Nicki Minaj-assisted single "Trollz," so the rapper decided that now would be a good time to verbally attack Meek, as the Philly rapper has been vocal about avoiding people who turn federal informant.

"Imma start of with Meek Mill, right?" 6ix9ine said on Live. He then turned his cameraphone to a computer screen where he showed Desiree Perez, the CEO of Roc Nation, hanging out with Meek Mill and Jay-Z. He cited an article from the NY Daily News where the outlet stated that back in the 1990s, Perez was arrested for having 35 kilos of cocaine. She reportedly struck a deal with the Feds and became an undercover informant.

"Listen, Nicki took you on tour. You were her opener," 6ix9ine added. "Nicki made you, you n*gga. No b*tch wanted to f*ck you, n*gga. Did you forget who you was? Listen. I forgot what Drake said. What did Drake say? Some sh*t like that, is that your tour or your girl's tour. That was never your tour, homie. Listen, you was put on by Nicki Minaj. And you rollin' with rats now but you know what? Nobody knows. Nobody knows. Nobody is gonna be like... You're with a rat every day. You're with a rat. Your prison reform. Your bail reform is with a rat. 'Oh no, she wasn't street.' She was sellin' kilos of cocaine. You don't want nobody to know?" Check out the incendiary clip of 6ix9ine going after Meek Mill below.