Maxo Kream is clearing the air about his recent documented scrap with The Sauce Factory’s Rizzoo Rizzoo. Footage of the two Houston rappers throwing hands began circulating earlier this week, but Kream insists that they had no intention of the fight spreading, and explains that they were merely settling a dispute with their fists. On Thursday (May 14th), Kream took to Instagram to address the situation.

“So n*ggas hitting my line asking me about what happened yesterday with the fight,” Kream began. “Imma tell y’all just like this. What happened was two young black men met up for a disagreement and got it off their chest. It wasn’t supposed to get on the Internet—none of that shit—’cause when you do gangsta shit, ain’t supposed to get to the Internet.”

However, he emphasized that no shots were fired. “I’m a big homie,” he noted. “So I looked at that like, ‘Shit, we got a problem? Pull up, squabble.’ We pulled up, it was choppas on their side, choppas on our side. But me being from Houston, bro, and being that a lot of n*ggas really die out here senseless. They look up to Trigger Maxo’s music…I’m like, ‘F*ck that shit. Let’s squabble like men.’ Put the guns down, put the fists up.”

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Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET

“‘Cause that’s a lot of shit that y’all b*tch ass n*ggas nowadays wouldn’t do that,” he continues. “‘Cause y’all n*ggas supporting snitches and doing lame ass shit and picking up guns. Y’all n*ggas are really catching attempted murder before you catch an ass-whooping.” He goes on to shoutout various rappers who have lost their lives to senseless gun violence, including Pop Smoke and Nipsey Hussle, before concluding his message by giving props to his opponent. “Salute Rizzoo ’cause a lot of you n*ggas will not come fight me,” Kream declares. “Y’all know how I get down with these hands. So, salute Rizzoo. [He’s a] real n*gga, gangsta. He ain’t no snitch.”