Jason Derulo made it his mission to devour 22 burgers in celebration of hitting 22 million followers on TikTok, but he didn’t quite finish the challenge. The singer, unofficially designated one of the Kings of TikTok ever since he joined the app earlier this year, is known for engaging in outrageous antics in his videos, and his often corny escapades have earned him quite the following. On Wednesday (June 10th), after racking up a whopping 22 million followers, Jason decided to celebrate with an ambitious pursuit: eat 22 burgers in 2 hours.


Thought I’d post this draft from when I hit 22 Million ##Millimeal

♬ Rain – Aitch & AJ Tracey

“Thank y’all so much for 22 million,” he said at the beginning of the video, which has already amassed 3.4 million views and counting. “Instead of making a MilliMeal,” he continued, referring to his frequent cooking challenge, “I’m gonna eat a MilliMeal.” He then instructs his friend to order 22 burgers, which he goes on to show himself attempting to wolf down without exploding.

Jason Derulo Scarfs Down 22 Burgers To Celebrate 22 Million TikTok Followers
Matthias Nareyek/Getty Images for GQ Germany

He proceeds to stack the burgers on top of one another before diving in, later taking a break after his ninth burger. At one point, Jason is shown actually throwing up from the amount of food in his system, but he powers through, bloated and nauseous. With only three burgers left, Jason is ready to give up, but he manages to scarf down one more, leaving the last two uneaten. Because he only ate 20 of the 22 burgers, he ensures that “if 2 million of y’all unfollow me, I’ll understand.” However, it appears that he actually gained another 1.8 million followers after embarking on the stomach-churning challenge.