No matter where you stand on the matter, one truth cannot be denied -- TikTok's impact on the music industry as a whole is disturbingly high. Aside from turning artists into sketch comedy stars, it has also delivered the perfect means for sampling new songs. Even breathing life into older ones. In any case, the bait has been set, and Jason Derulo has never looked back. And given that the bag is, by his own admission, massive, it's unlikely that he won't be stepping away from the app anytime soon - -at least if his conversation with TMZ is any indication.

Jason Derulo TikTok

Samir Hussein/Getty Images

"It is something you can really make a killing off of," admits Derulo, who recently achieved TikTok fame through his toothless antics. "It can be anybody, you don't even have to be famous or a singer. You can literally be in your space." He also explains that "TikTok literally runs the music industry. It's kinda ironic that this went for me the way that it did. The most poppin songs on TikTok are the most poppin songs in the world."

"I like to diversify," admits Derulo, about his own page. "I'm going to be introducing a new character pretty soon. An alter-ego of myself. I'ma keep this thing fun, for real. Really go there and try to one-up myself every time." Though he isn't ready to spoil the surprise, he does tease there may be a costume involved. "It's more action than you would expect. It's not a funny thing, it's more like superhero action."

Check out the video below, and sound off -- have you stared deep into the abyss that is TikTok? And more importantly, has it stared back into you?