Kevin Gates and OG Boobie Black have opened up their own hotline, courtesy of Vice. The duo of best friends has already delivered five episodes of their highly-entertaining show and the latest clip has just been uploaded for our viewing pleasure. 

Kevin and his wife Dreka would qualify as “relationship goals” to a number of rap fans. They have been together for years and they seemingly make it past every single obstacle in their way. While there have been bumps in the road, including a recent sex tape leak featuring the rapper and another woman, Gates is still delivering all kinds of advice. 

On the latest episode of the show, Kevin and OG Boobie Black spit game to a 25-year-old single mother who keeps scaring away prospective partners.

“I’m having trouble dating because, whenever I tell a guy who I am seeing that I have two daughters, they seem to lose interest,” says Genesis on the show. She goes on to explain that she’s not looking for her soulmate, just somebody to “accept [her situation] as it is.”

Kevin responded that she should be pickier when looking for a prospective partner to spend the rest of her days with and not to settle for somebody that doesn’t meet her standards.

“Well, I’m gonna say this. When you present a boy with two daughters, it sounds like responsibilities and a boy is not equipped for responsibility,” he says. “But they have men out there that can’t have children. They have men out there that would love to raise your daughters as their own. And to be honest with you, when you say you not looking for your soulmate, then what are you looking for? Because the things that we desire desire us. All I could tell you is this. Don’t settle. Don’t force anything because if it’s by force, it’s never by choice.”

Wise words from the Big General. Check out the full episode below.