Folks are not impressed with the sexual performance of a man believed to be Kevin Gates in a leaked sex tape that began circulating late Saturday (May 16th) night. While it has yet to be confirmed, it appears that Kevin Gates may have been featured in the NSFW video in question, but he did not exactly give it his all, according to viewers. In the clip, the male star thought to be the rapper is looking into the camera while he films himself having sex with a woman whose face is out of view.

kevin gates sex tape leak allegedRachel Murray/Getty Images for Pandora

It didn't take long for the ruthless Internet to start offering up their reactions, most of which were underwhelmed and disappointed. Many pointed out how, if it is really him, his lackluster performance in the sex tape greatly differs from the subject matter of his songs.

Kevin has yet to respond to the rumours, although he did tweet this inspiring message earlier on Saturday. It's unclear if this tweet has any correlation to his alleged sex tape.