Kevin and Dreka Gates usually find themselves in joint headlines for the raunchy activity they exhibit in Gates' bars, where he regularly details what goes on during their extracurricular activities in the bedroom. While they can surely get a little freaky from time to time, they also paint a perfect picture of a couple in love. Dreka and Kevin would do anything for one another, which is a bond that everybody deserves to experience. For their anniversary in October, the husband and wife commissioned a baker to craft one of the most extravagant cakes we've ever seen and, for Kevin's birthday this week, they went and pulled the same kind of magic.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Supplementing all of his I'm Him material, Kevin Gates released his new single "Dreka" on his birthday yesterday, naming the record after his one true love. The couple celebrated his thirty-four years of life by reflecting on when they met sixteen years ago. Dreka penned a beautiful message to her man, wishing him a happy birthday and writing:

"Happy #Rebirth Day my love, my best friend, my life partner. When I met you 16 years ago I already knew that you and I were meant to do amazing things together. It was already written. The universe always aligns for us as long as we are in agreement. Even though the journey hasn’t been smoothe AT ALL, we’ve definitely gotten off path MANY TIMES due to distractions, mostly low vibrating entities that were leeching off of your energy and fed your ego, whose only goal was to keep us from doing what we were put here to do."

She continued by admitting that there were many times in the last year where she considered giving up on their relationship, only to be pleasantly surprised by Kevin's refreshed attitude and his self-improvement goals.

Check out the elaborate cake below and read Dreka's full message.