Celebrities are being called out, and yet another apology is making the rounds. Alia Shawkat is known for her roles on Arrested Development and Search Party, as well as rumors that she’s been secretly dating Brad Pitt. However, the gossip mill took a break from digging into her personal life and instead shared a video from 2016 where the actress was attending the South By Southwest festival. Now, it’s unclear who Alia Shawkat was speaking to or really what she was speaking about in the clip, but she says, “I mean, everyone was so excited when we all came back, like we were all in the penthouse together and everyone was looking around like, ’N*gga we made it.’ You know what I mean?

Alia Shawkat Apologizes For Using N-Word While Quoting <a href=
Drake Four Years Ago">
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The “n*gga we made it” remark is a reference to Drake and Soulja Boy’s collaboration “We Made It,” and while she was quoting a repeated line from the song, people weren’t happy. The backlash caused the actress, who is of white and Iraqi heritage, to take to her Instagram page to offer a lengthy apology. “I am writing this to address a video that was posted of me quoting a song with the n-word in it as part of an interview from 4 years ago,” she said. “I am deeply sorry and I take full responsibility. It was a careless moment, one that I’m ashamed and embarrassed by, but vow to continue to learn from.”

Over the last week, Alia Shawkat has posted a number of photos and information about Black Lives Matter as she considers herself an ally to the cause. Swipe through below to read Shawkat’s apology and explanation in full and check out the brief clip where she says the n-word.