Bow Wow has made sure that everyone got the memo about his new phase in 2020. To sum it up? He ain’t f*cking with you. The rapper posted a story on his Instagram, outlining all the reasons that a person might no longer be worthy of his association in the new year, starting by issuing a warning: “It’s 2019 but y’all b*tches got like 6, 7 more days before I enter my new phase.”

He carries on by describing his “new phase,” and everything that that entails: “My new phase is I ain’t f*cking with you. If you broke and you a bum and you ain’t got nothing going for yourself, on my mama. You stripping don’t do nothing for me. My wifey can strip for me. You know what I’m sayin’? If you put some Fashion Nova, I can make that happen for the b*tch I’m f*cking with. You can’t do nothing for me. If you can’t cook good or clean good, you can’t do nothing for me. I’m a simple ass n***a. If you can’t do none of that sh*t, stay the f*ck away from me. 2020 my year, man. New money, new attitude, new paper and I’m getting (?) out here just like I was in 2019. Except 2020 gon’ be a little bit more different. Yeah, I’m movin’ different. If y’all hoes movin’ the same, don’t even come my way.” Damn. Steer clear of Mr. Moss, everyone.