Talk about getting knocked off your high horse. On Saturday (June 6th), during a protest at Whitehall in Westminster, Central London, a police officer was riding a horse at full speed when she hit her head hard on a traffic light. The impact of the collision launched the cop into the air while the horse kept galloping along, causing the officer to smack right down on the pavement.

According to TMZthe officer was knocked unconscious and taken to the hospital, where she was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Some are claiming that the police horse went rogue because protesters were throwing “missiles” at the animal. A video from the rally shows someone hucking a bike at one of the horses, although it is unclear if this is the same horse that the female officer in question was knocked off of.

Additional footage from the scene shows the same horse running loose among the protesters, and it appears to have even trampled a pedestrian.

Yikes. Maybe leave the police horses at home next time you charge into a crowd of protesters? Seems like the best way to avoid this in the future.