Jake Paul was seen on video during a looting on Saturday night in Scottsdale, Arizona. Because of his involvement in the vandalism, he has formally been charged.

“We filmed everything we saw in an effort to share our experience and bring more attention to the anger felt in every neighborhood we traveled through,” said Paul about why he was there. “We were strictly documenting, not engaging.”

Despite his claims, his presence was enough for the police to formally charge him with two misdemeanor offenses.

According to KTAR News, Scottsdale police has charged Jake Paul with trespassing and unlawful assembly after he was spotted on the premises of a closed shopping mall during a looting.


His brother, Logan Paul, has since said that he should not have been present and Jake defended himself by stating that he did not participate in the looting.

The police had received hundreds of tips, identifying the 23-year-old YouTube star as a participant in the riot though.

More than 20 arrests have been issued after shop windows and more were destroyed by a mob of people at the mall. The facility closed at 5 PM and Jake Paul was spotted there at 10 PM.

Read his full statement below.