Eminem can be described as many things. The Detroit legend is well-known as one of the most proficiently-skilled rappers to ever get on the microphone. He is also a harsh battle rapper and, overall, one of the best artists to ever live. Apparently, he’s still a child at heart too. At least that’s what his most recent social media upload has us believing.

As a teenage boy would do to get a kick out of his friends, Eminem decided to share a photo of a one-dollar bill that he modified, adding a couple of letters to the currency. Instead of reading “one” in the middle, Marshall Mathers added a “B” on the left hand side and an “R” at the end, spelling out the word “Boner.” 

Eminem Is Still A Kid At Heart With Outrageous "B*ner" Post
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

The post seemingly came from out of nowhere. This week, Em has gone hard (pun fully intended) on promoting the twentieth anniversary of his classic album The Slim Shady LP, releasing a limited-edition capsule. His dollar-bill post has no context and, with a playful caption, we’re left wondering if he’s just trying to get his fans slapping at their knees. “I’m bout dat cheddar,” wrote the icon.

Never change, Eminem. Never change. Peep the post below and let us know if you want a new album from the star. According to 50 Cent, one could pop up any minute.