B. Simone, whose known for her appearances on Lil Kim‘s VH1 series Girls Cruise, made her obsession with DaBaby public knowledge when she posted a lengthy and incredibly thirsty IG caption about him a few weeks ago. She essentially provided a summary of why she would make the perfect partner for the Charlotte rapper, mentioning how she’s “ready to be a step momma” to his kids. DaBaby dismissed this hysteria by commenting on the post with crying and hand-waving emojis. 

However, B. Simone is not giving up on her dreams yet. She did her best to manifest them in reality by dressing up as DaBaby’s bride for Halloween. She wore a wedding gown and carried a cardboard cutout of him in a tux to the Halloween party she threw in Atlanta. She referred to the event as “the most epic “wedding reception” party” and denounced the haters who will claim its photoshop. 


While the lady’s man has yet to respond this time around, Cardi B got a good laugh out of the costume concept. She commented a whole bunch of crying emojis, punctuating them with an exclamatory, “Bitch.” B. Simone hilariously replied, “That’s my husband friend. Let’s double date. I only wanna hang out with married couples now.”