While promoting Bad Boys For Life on The Tonight Show, Will Smith teamed up with Jimmy Fallon to provide a comprehensive and creative history of the significant events of Will’s life. From his upbringing in “the city of brotherly love” (“that’s Philly!”) to “rappin’ just to make bus fare,” Will remembers his earlier days before his breakthrough acting role on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The crowd goes wild when Will looks into the fishbowl-lens-camera and spits the infamous line “Then I moved in with my auntie and uncle in Bel-Air” from the Fresh Prince theme song. Will and Jimmy pay further tribute to the show that launched Will’s career by performing the iconic dance invented by the character, Carlton Banks. Will’s early film career is then explored, with references to the first Bad Boys movie as well as the alien-hunting Independence DayWill and Jada’s marriage in 1997 of course gets mentioned, as does Jada’s Red Table Talk. After shouting out Men in Black, Will and Jimmy “get jiggy wit’ it” to Will’s 1997 smash hit. 

Will then recounts entering fatherhood, as he “started out a Prince, then became the Fresh Papi.” He names his three kids, Trey Jaden, Willow, and reminds us of when the latter “came and told ya ‘whip your hair back and forth.'” Will and Jimmy speed through practically all of Will’s movie roles, including the animated Shark Tale, the romcom Hitch, and the heartwrenching Pursuit of Happyness. After films like Suicide Squad and Hancock, Will mentions his Youtube content, and recreates the video of himself bungee-jumping out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon. The history lesson concludes with a reference to Will’s recent movies Aladdin and Spies in Disguise, with one shameless promo for Bad Boys For Life. What a life!