Mental heath advocacy has been a through line across Kid Cudi’s discography and career. He has always been incredibly generous in terms of how open he is with his fans about his struggles with anxiety and depression. He has been praised for calling attention to these issues and making millions of people feel like they aren’t alone. 

However, Cudi hasn’t only highlighted his darkest moments; he has also promoted the importance and effectiveness of asking for help when experiencing them. In 2016, the Cleveland rapper penned a lengthy open letter, detailing how he would be admitting himself into a rehab center to treat his suicidal thoughts and particularly-bad bout of depression. Since that period, he has been an inspiring source of light, celebrating life in his music and spreading hopeful messages on social media. 

Kid Cudi Quoted On Depression In Psychology Textbook
Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

One of Cudder’s fans stumbled upon a quote from him in their psychology textbook and reached out to him on Twitter to call attention to it. The quote was extracted from his 2016 letter: “My anxiety and depression have ruled my life for as long as I can remember… Idk what peace feels like.” While only a short blurb and a photo of Cudi is shown in the photo, the intended message seems to be that even “hugely successful” artists can suffer from mental illness and reap benefits from treatment. 

In response to his fan’s tweet, he wrote: “Wow this is awesome!! Grateful for u too! Thanx for ridin w me all these years!”