Considering how many delays Eternal Atake has experienced, it’s understandable if Lil Uzi Vert’s fans have trust issues when it comes to him announcing release dates. However, we want to have faith that he will deliver on his promise. On Thursday (Feb. 28), Uzi was whipping around in one of his speedy cars when he went on Instagram Live to tease that his long-awaited sophomore album will be arriving in two weeks time

A fan had doubts whether the Philly rapper was capping or not, but Uzi has doubled down on his commitment. In response to the fan who tweeted, “Eternal atake in 2 was a lie huh, Uzi wrote, “Nope real shit.” Under ordinary circumstances, this would slate his album for release on Friday the 13th. Choosing this spooky date would definitely make sense given Uzi’s track record of dark interests. However, he is also known for dropping stuff at unpredictable times. For example, his latest single, “That Way”, arrived on streaming platforms yesterday – on a Sunday afternoon. Uzi is now excitedly prepping us for his next song, which appears to be centered on a new alter-ego, “Baby Pluto”. “Baby PLUTO make every bitch that played HIM realize how they fucked up,” he explained in a tweet.

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