All this hubbub surrounding Eminem and Nick Cannon’s ongoing feud has shifted focus from an undeniable truth: it’s Griselda season. As such, the Buffalo trio hit up Sway In The Morning to drop some knowledge, talk What Would Chinegun Do, and leave with some bars. Given Sway’s relationship to Em, as well as Griselda’s own ties to his label, a conversation surrounding the beef seemed inevitable. Around the 15:30 minute mark, Sway inquired about whether the Shady affiliates have been following Eminem and Nick Cannon’s ongoing feud.

Admitting he had yet to hear Nick Cannon’s “Invitation,” Westside invites Sway to queue it up with a laugh. “I heard the song,” admits Benny. “There’s one say I can say about it. Them n***as wildin’ out. N***as wilding out. That’s Marshall. You gotta get in your bag. You have to. This rap, this competitive. You have to dig deep in your bag. They hear the David Goliath story, everybody try to go to war with a slingshot. Them n***as had a slingshot.”

“When Eminem calls on Griselda and say ‘hey, Conway jump on this track. Benny jump on this track. Westside jump on this track. Ya’ll jumping on?” asks Sway. “I don’t battle rap,” answers Westside. “I got two Billboards in Time’s Square though. I got half a million in jewlery, I don’t have to battle rap.” Conway is another no, saying “where I’m from n***as call me when it’s time for other shit to do. I ain’t with all that rap shit and all that.”

“That’s clout shit,” adds Westside. “These are grown men, forty years old trying to rap against each other right now. It’s deeper than that. “In the culture it’s respect, because that goes back to the beginning of time. I respect it, but for what I do personally, I haven’t even heard it – I don’t want to hear it. For what? We got other things we want to do, Chinegun out right now.” Sway looks to Benny, who ponders for a moment. “I doubt Em would ask n***as, cause he got that,” says The Butcher. “But if he asks me, would I do it? I’m not gon’ lie, I probably would if he asked me. If Em walked in this room right now like what you doing after this?” 

“That’s the difference between Westside Gunn and Benny,” continues Westside. “But one thing’s for sure, don’t nobody want no problems with us. I’m putting that on the record. That’s anybody.” “We loved when Jay and Nas were going at each other cause they were both ill,” chimes in The Machine. “When Beans and Kiss was going at it, you knew you had to watch that. That’s why I don’t think Eminem’s going to respond. It’s Nick Cannon.”